Note: before you come in for you appointment, please make Noël aware of any previous existing facial tattoo by emailing a photo to ensure you can receive microblading. If Noël is not made aware of this at the time of your appointment, she reserves the right to refuse services and you run the risk of being charged 50% of the full price. Please email with any concerns and/ or questions along with your photograph. This is greatly appreciated.


+ You must be off of the following topical products for a minimum of 1 week prior to your appointment: AHA's, aka Alpha Hydroxy Acids + Retinoids of any kind. This includes Retin-A, Tazorac, Tretinoin, Retinol and so on. These products can cause the pigments to fade prematurely and alter the color. 

+ If you are on blood thinners of any kind; Coumadin, Aspirin, etc.  A note from you doctor releasing you for both the procedure and allowing you to go off your medication 3 days prior to your first appointment is required. 

+ If you are a person with Diabetes, Noël require's a note from your doctor releasing you for the procedure as well.

+ Please do not take Aspirin, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Ibuprofen/ Advil, or drink Alcohol within 3 days of your first appointment. These may cause your skin to bleed more thus pushing the pigment out.

+ If you are under treatment for any form of cancer, you must wait until your treatment is complete. You are able to receive microblading 1 month after you have been cleared by your physician. Please bring a medical clearance note to your first appointment. It is recommended that you get microblading before you start any cancer treatment.

+ Try not to drink caffeine, or eat salty foods within 24 hrs of your first appointment. 

+ Please note that woman that are in or near their menstrual cycle tend to bleed more than those who are not. You will also be more sensitive to pain. 

+ If you are sunburnt or have been in a tanning bed within 3 days Noël cannot perform the procedure.

+ No waxing or tinting the treated area for at least 5 days before you procedure.


Careful aftercare is essential to how your brows heal producing a beautiful lasting result. 

+ Keep treated area moist by applying the ointment 2-3x's/day.

+ If you receive Botox or other neurotoxin treatments in the treated area please wait 2 weeks before receiving microblading as it can take 2 weeks for Botox to peak or wait until after microblading. 

+ No cleansers, creams, makeup and/or any other products on or near the treated area for at least 10 days. 

+ No exposure to direct sun or tanning beds for a minimum of 2 weeks.

+ Avoid swimming pools for 2 weeks.

+ Do not wax, tweeze or dye eyebrows for 2 weeks.

+ Avoid heavy sweating for a least 7 days.

+ No Facials, Chemical Peels, laser treatments for at least 4 weeks. 

+ Noël will provide instructions & a triple antibiotic ointment after your initial appointment.

+ Do not wet your brows for 7 days during the healing process.

+ Always wash your hands before applying the triple antibiotic ointment or use a Q-tip for the first 24 hours. Then switch to Aquaphor for the remaining 10 days. Apply ointment before the shower or a workout to prevent water and/ or sweat from dripping into the area. 

+ Be gentle. Do not pick or rub your eyebrows during the healing period. Allow the skin to heal by and slough off by itself. The scabs will be so tiny you may never even see them. 

+ Avoid any form of Retinoids (Retin -A, Tretinoin, Tazorac, Retinol) for at least 4 weeks.

+ After you are completely healed you may resume your natural skincare and makeup routine.

+ Use sunblock after the area has healed to protect from fading.



+ Mild swelling and redness is normal. Light scabbing, light bruising, dry tightness is also normal.

+ Too dark or uneven appearance. After about 7 days the darkness will fade and once the swelling goes down the unevenness will disappear. If you still feel like they are a bit uneven, I will do my best to make adjustments during your 4-6 week touchup.

+ Color or pigment on the Q-tip when applying ointment during the home care. You might notice some pigment on your pillow case the next morning or o the Q-tip after applying ointment for the first few days or so. This is normal.

+ Color changes or loss. As the area heals the color will lighten and seem to disappear. This can all addressed during the touchup appointment, and why it is so necessary. The procedure area has to be completely healed before we can address any concerns.

See TERMS & CONDITIONS for a reference.



Failure to follow aftercare instructions may result in infections, pigment loss or discoloration.

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