The face is an area unlike any other on the human body. Here we show ours emotions, our age, and our beauty. The skin on our face is delicate and active at the same time. It's a very sensitive place. When someone touches our face, there is a connection, a trust that needs to be present. Certain social barriers between people need to be overcome before we let someone invade that special space, which is why Noël believes in the hand-held method of micro-pigmentation. 

The human method is gentle & quiet. 


+ Safety first. Noël follows very strict sanitation, safety standards & regulations provided by and approved by the State of New Jersey's Health Department.  She holds certifications from OSHA in blood borne pathogens, safety and disease. Noël takes every precaution to protect you and herself from harm. Each client will see Noël open a sterile wrapped hand held tool that is discarded in a sharps container immediately after each every individual client. 

+ No, it's not permanent. Unlike body art and permanent makeup, the ink is much more degradable and a machine is used to deposit ink. Body art and permanent makeup tattoos exist mostly in the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin. Your 3D eyebrow tattoo can last up to 1-2 years depending on your skin and lifestyle. Bi-yearly/ yearly touch ups are suggested. If you do not keep up with touchups, your brow strokes will simply fade away. 

+ Most people require 2 sessions to achieve their ideal brow. One first session and then a second within 4-6 weeks for a complimentary touchup. This time frame is important because the skin may push out a bit of pigment and in some areas the hair strokes will not be as saturated  or may be missing ink completely. You will be able to tell if there are any minor imperfections after the first session that will need to be filled in. This is all normal and to be expected.

+ Some skin retains pigment better than others. Very oily skin tends to be more difficult to work with because they are more at risk for their skin rejecting the pigment, and more importantly they are prone to pigment hydration, which is where the pigment fans into each other. The strokes sort of blend and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like distinct hair strokes.

+ Allow UP to 2 hours for your first session. 

+ Your eyebrows are sisters not twins. Your eyebrows will not look identical. This is important to understand so expectations are realistic. Nobody's eyes are equidistant from the bridge of their nose so the starting points of each eyebrow may vary. As for your ocular cavities, the bony structure right above your eyes may be more flat or rounded than the other. All this is accounted for when creating the ideal eyebrow shape. 

+ Yes, it might hurt. It is a tattoo on your face, and as we know your face is a very sensitive place. Noël suggests using the numbing agent however the choice is totally up to you. You might feel some pressure and a cat scratch-like sensation or similar to a paper cut and hear a velcro like sound. This is all normal.

+ Your brows can lighten up to 40% after the first 2 weeks. This is the normal healing process, and I people always fear that they will end up with really dark eyebrows. This is not the case. Even though your brows will look darker the first 2-5 days or so, the 6th and 7th day, tiny scabs start to slough off and by the 8th or 9th day you can start see the final result underneath.

+ Refining a few strokes or something about the shape can be done in your touchup session. 

+ What if brow styles change? As long as we strive for a natural, classic shape, which is determined by you, Noël's recommendations, and measurements drawn out on your face to anatomically support both theories, then you will be safe from style fads and changes.

+ Be prepared. Do your research. Talk to your artist. If you do not feel comfortable with it, then do not do it. This is O.K. Noël wants you to be as excited as she is about your new brows!

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