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All micropigmentaion procedures are considered to be a two-step process to achieve maximum healed results. During your initial appointment, topical numbing cream is applied to help with the overall experience. Next, Noël takes specific measurements of your facial anatomy, existing shape and desired goals as discussed together. Once the pre-draw shape has been agreed upon by you and Noël, she will then do a color match of the most complimentary pigment shade uniquely fit for you. (Eyelashline pigment is black only). As soon as the shade selection has been determined and agreed upon by both you and Noël, she will begin the permanent makeup procure- showing you the hand held tool and needle(s) are sterile, opening it before you, just for you, and disposing it immediately after. During microblading, It is normal to hear a velcro like sound and feel a combing sensation during the actual microblading process. During lip blushing and eyelash line enhancement(s), a machine is used and you will hear and feel a gentle vibration.

During the healing time it is difficult to predict how well your skin will retain the pigment. The skin may "push out" pigment resulting in loss of color. This is completely normal hence why getting a touchup within 4-10 weeks of the initial application is so crucial. Ongoing touchups are suggested to retain the shape & color. 

Initially, the treated area will appear darker for about 7 days and may fade up to 40-60% over an average over the first two weeks during the healing period.

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